120 Plates Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate Type Water Heater Chiller Cooler Counter Flow

Price: 958.14 - 766.48

120 Plates Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate Type Water Heater Chiller Cooler Counter Flow Chiller

Plate heat exchanger, suitable for domestic hot water conversion, ordinary heating, multi-channel heating switching, air energy, solar energy, multi-channel gas wall-hung boiler integrated heating, wort beer cooling, non-pressure boiler to pressure, swimming pool, etc.
Tap water interface: 20mm outer diameter
Heating interface:25mm outer diameter selection
(if you need 32mm outer diameter, leave a message to inform us of the interface caliber)


Name: Brazed plate type heat exchanger
Material:SUS 304 Stainless Steel, food grade
WeldIing Material: 99.9% Copper
Application:Home Brew Wort Chiller, Famliy Hot Water supply
Thread of Port A1、A2:1/2" BSPT Male
Thread of Port B1、B2:1" BSPT Male
Plates Number: 120 plates
Heat Transfer Area/plate: 0.028 m2(0.30 ft2)
Thickness of One Plate:0.25-0.35mm
Max Flowrate:12 m3/H
Working Temperature:-160 ℃ to + 185 ℃
Below 50 plates: suitable for washing hands and face
60-80 plates: suitable for kitchen washing dishes and dishes.
100-120 plates: can support bathing, mainly depends on the heat source's ability to supply heat.
Heat exchange rate: 85%
Heat source heating capacity> 50 ° C hot water temperature, comfortable bathing
Heat source heating capacity <50 ° C, hot water temperature, average bathing experience (winter)

Options Instruction:

Same side: mean the 4 ports are in the same side
Different side: mean the 4 ports are in different side, each side with 2 ports.
Please choose it according to your own demand. Thanks.
Besides above four ports, there is an air vent on the heat exchanger for 50 plates heat exchanger and above, this air vent's function is to avoid if there is some air remained in the exchanger and you need to release the remain air so that the water can go through when you first time use this heat exchanger. For other time, the air vent need to be plugged with a plug.

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