2.5G Nics NAS Motherboard N5105/N6005 4x Intel i226-V Dual M.2 NVMe Six SATA3.0 2*DDR4 Mini ITX

Price: 2,845.13


Intel i226-V is a new network card, pfSense, ROS etc system suppliers maybe have not released compatible driver to match yet, suggest to install newest version of following systems by yourself: OPNsense 22.x, pfSense Plus, OpenWrt, ESXi, Proxmox, PVE, CentOS etc. Please make clear before buying, DO NOT open dispute because of system issue.

This link is only for motherboard.


1. DO NOT buy Barebone ("No Ram No Storage" bundle)If you are NOT IT hardware technician. Please check video, PC demands professional skill to assemble and debug. Barebone bundle must use Samsung, Micron etc. ORIGINAL brand ram and storage. Please DO NOT open dispute if you buy barebone.

2. Please install system and add 2-Bay 2.5''&3.5''SATA hard disk by yourself.


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