2022 New ThinkBook Plus 17 Laptop i7-12700H Intel Iris Xe 17.3" 3K Touch Backlight Screen

Price: 19,613.71 - 15,690.97


CPU: 12th Gen Intel® Core i7
CPU model: i7-12700H
Maximum turbo frequency: 4.7GHz
L3 cache: 24MB
Number of cores: Fourteen cores

Operating system

Operating System: Windows 11 Global Edition


Video interface: HDMI
Audio interface: headphone, microphone two-in-one interface
Type-C interface: 1
Other interfaces: USB-Ax2
ThunderBolt4.0: 1


Screen size: 17.3 inches + 8 inches
Physical Resolution: 3072×1440
Screen type: 17.3-inch 3K touch backlit display + 8-inch touch LCD secondary screen
Touch screen: support


Memory capacity: 16GB
Memory Type: LPDDR5
Memory frequency: 4800MHz

Hard disk

Hard drive type: SSD solid state drive
Hard Disk Capacity: 512GB
Interface Type: M.2

Graphics card

Graphics card type: Intel Iris Xe graphics card


Wireless network card: Wifi6 (WLAN 2x2AX+BT)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2


Camera: FHD 1080p/IR camera

Input device

Keyboard description: Backlit keyboard
Fingerprint recognition: yes
Pointing device: power button fingerprint recognition

Power Specifications

Battery: 69Whr
Power Adapter: 100W

Machine Specifications

Weight: about 1.99kg
Size: Approx. 410 x 228 x 17.9mm
Color: dark grey

17.3 inches, 3K touch large screen

3072 x 1440 Ultra HD resolution
120Hz refresh rate
90% high screen-to-body ratio1
100% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut
Support 10-point touch

21:10, Ultra wide screen ratio

More content in one screen
Cinematic shock

Dual-screen collaborative linkage

Multi-mode extended split screen
"Waterfall" display
mirror projection

8-inch creative secondary screen

C-side exclusive "creative screen"
Support 4096 level pressure sensitive pen
Support 10-point touch.

Dual screen linkage, Meet your "Plus" needs, A divine assistant who talks eloquently in every meeting

Online meetings, the main screen displays the live meeting, and the secondary screen synchronously records the meeting points by handwriting, without the need to switch repeatedly between multiple devices, which is more convenient and convenient. In offline meetings, the main screen plays PPT, and the secondary screen acts as a teleprompter to help you remember key content and make conference speeches shine.

Online classes can be really easy

The unique dual-screen design of ThinkBook Plus 17 supports opening and displaying multiple applications such as live broadcast software, courseware PPT, and browsers at the same time, avoiding repeated switching and moving windows. Combined with the stylus, you can easily draw out key content and help students correct homework on the spot.

A "editing workstation" with a larger field of view

The 21:10 screen ratio displays an ultra-long time axis, allowing video editing to be done easily; with the powerful performance brought by the 12th generation standard pressure processor, the editing process is smooth and not stuck, and it can be exported into a film in minutes. Equipped with harman/kardon high-quality speakers and Dolby panoramic sound system, it brings the ultimate sound experience

Others only have one screen, but I can play with three screens

Find the software that enables hardware-level split screen function in the hidden icon in the lower right corner of the main screen, and a window will pop up after opening. Select the split screen function in the window, you can set the main screen to be divided into two screens, and form three independent displays with the sub screen, set any screen as the main screen according to your needs, and choose to expand and adjust the layout between multiple screens. The main screen can be set to a split screen ratio of 5:5 for independent equal division display, or set to 7:3 to connect with the secondary screen to achieve [waterfall screen] display, which makes browsing files more efficient.

The software window is in place in one second, getting rid of the trouble of pulling

When dragging the application window, the system will automatically pop up 7 split-screen modes; after connecting to an external display, 3 additional split-screen modes can be displayed, and a total of 10 split-screen modes can be provided. You can drag the application window to any of the 10 split-screen methods according to your needs, and the application will immediately appear on the screen you want to present. After closing the app, reopening the app will restore the layout it was last closed.

Very thin very powerful, High performance has it all here, Standard pressure processor + strong cooling

Equipped with up to the 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 14 cores and 20 threads, 45W performance release, with the new "large and small core heterogeneous" design, the performance is greatly improved, and the power consumption control is also better, making it easy to control various large-scale software and creative work.

With the dual-fan cooling system and the vertical shaft rear air outlet design, the powerful performance can be continuously released, bringing you a stable creative environment.

17 inches no longer restricts the field of vision, Let you see more

The 17.3-inch 21:10 ratio main screen brings a wider display space than ever before. Combined with 3K resolution and 100% DCI-P3 ultra-wide color gamut, it can bring an unparalleled immersive experience whether watching movies, entertainment or daily office work.

Anytime Inspiration Shorthand, Come and share your creativity

Click the shortcut button of the creative secondary screen on the C side, and the – key evokes the handwriting pad, and records the whimsy that comes to you through the pressure-sensitive stylus. Mirror the screen at any time, and project the content of screen C to the main screen of side B, which is convenient for sharing with more people.

The C-side exclusive [creative screen] has a built-in TFT glass substrate, which has the characteristics of high response speed and high contrast, and the picture is more delicate and smooth; good light transmittance, only when matched with a high-quality screen, the built-in high-brightness prism module makes the The screen has higher brightness. This good screen can help you easily express thousands of creativity.

How to enable multiple apps, According to your idea

Multiple commonly used applications can be DIYed as a quick application group according to the usual usage habits. When you need to use them in combination, you can wake up with one key and retain the original layout, which is convenient and efficient.

From reality, Get inspired colors

The color-picking function of E-Color Pen can absorb colors from real objects and apply them to professional design software, so that every plant and tree around you can become your source of inspiration.

Comes with various interfaces, Connect everything with a slim body

17.9mm slim body, built-in rich interface, powerful Thunderbolt 4 interface, and meet your various needs such as support for fast charging, high-speed data connection, external display and so on. With a variety of common interfaces, it can meet all-round use needs without a docking station.

Comes with various interfaces, Connect everything with a slim body

17.9mm slim body, built-in rich interface, powerful Thunderbolt 4 interface, and meet your various needs such as support for fast charging, high-speed data connection, external display and so on. With a variety of common interfaces, it can meet all-round use needs without a docking station.

With your mobile phone, two in one

The Lenovo Ready For cross-device interconnection application is pre-installed to bridge the gap between mobile phones and PCs, wirelessly transfer files across devices, and even share cameras, making the shooting capabilities of the mobile phone your own.Triple guard, escort your privacy security

The 1080P high-definition infrared camera not only makes the remote video conference exceptionally clear and enhances the online communication experience; it also has the IR infrared face recognition function, which can complete the face recognition instantly when it is turned on. ThinkShutter physical camera switch, you can completely block the camera with a flick, no longer worry about privacy and security. Fingerprint identification button, support one-key boot and login, eliminating the complicated operation of entering passwords.

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