2Pcs/Set Baby Rice Vegetable Ball Mold Cute Food Decoration Kids Lunch Creativity DIY Sushi Onigiri

Price: 35.41 - 17.67


Color: Yellow

Number: G701

Weight: 33g

Size: 3.5*17cm

Shake the rice ball mold and make your baby love to eat.

Just shake it to form round rice balls.

A fun do-it-yourself DIY for children.

Lid is transparent and visible, easy to observe the result of shaking

With rice scoop, easy to scoop and serve rice

Clean and convenient for daily cleaning

Safe and environmentally friendly, food-grade PP material

Parent-child interaction, increase the fun of baby eating

Shaking rice ball artifact, easy to handle

How to use

1. sweep a layer of water on the mold (for easy release), and then add hot rice

The amount is the same as the mold

2. Cover the lid, hold the handle and shake more than ten times

3. Open the mold, the small rice ball is formed.

Note: The size is measured manually, there will inevitably be some errors, does not affect the normal use.

Package includes. 1 piece of grinder + 1 piece of rice spoon

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