3 Sizes Potato Masher Ricer Manual Stainless Steel Lemon Juicer Hand Held Vegetable Press Squeezer

Price: 162.69 - 97.64

1. This potato masher is made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable, resistant to corrosion and oxidation, making your food making process healthier and safer.

2. This potato masher stainless steel has uniform round holes to make the mash evenly. The masher has three sizes with round holes that can be replaced, and can make mashed potatoes of different thicknesses according to your needs. Each masher is mirror polished to make it even more beautiful.

3. This potato masher has an easy-to-grip handle, which is comfortable and convenient, easy to use, and uses a clip-on squeeze, which is more labor-saving. Whether you're trying to prepare a family backyard park picnic, housewarming gift, birthday or wedding party, this potato masher is the perfect helper.

Product name: potato masher

Material: 304 Stainless steel

Color: silver

Size: 27 cm×9 cm (L/H)
(1 cm = 0.39 inches)

style: modern

Package include: 1 pc masher

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