3kg/0.1g 5kg/0.1g Drip Coffee Scale With Timer Portable Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale High

Price: 267.20

Product information
Product Name: Professional Coffee Electronic Scales
Maximum load capacity: 3000/ML or 5000/ML
Rated voltage: DC3V (AAA two batteries)
Indexing value: 0.1G
Power supply mode: USB rechargeable or battery
Weighing unit: g/ml/oz/lb
Error range: in the region of 0.1g
Display: 14mm high LCD liquid crystal display
Evening range: 0-59 minutes and 59 seconds
Low power warning: When the battery power drops to 2.4V, the screen will display Lo warning message
Overload alert: When an overweight item is placed on the product, an "EEEEE" warning message will appear on the screen

Accurate timing
Touch screen display
Timed weighing
LED display
Long battery life

1. One finger touch, painless and convenient touch screen: just one touch to unlock the functions, eliminating the pressure and pain of old-fashioned key operation
2.Comes with silicone insulation pad, high temperature barrier for durability: anti-slip, anti-scald, anti-dust, anti-stain, durable and long lasting
3. HD LED backlight display, easy to read the numbers: excellent quality waterproof good, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion

Due to the large range of the scale, it is normal for the measurement error to be around 0.5g
When measuring, place the product in the middle induction area for weighing.

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