4pc Finger Chopsticks Game Player Snack Chopstick Holder Plastic Game Finger Sets Game Controller

Price: 84.37

Clean your fingers: If you want to eat snacks when playing games or reading books, you can use the snack fingers and chopsticks to hold the snacks to avoid touching the snacks with your fingers, and you can keep your fingers clean and dry

Easy to use: Children's finger chopsticks are very convenient to use. You can insert two fingers into the round hole, put the chopsticks on the fingers, and easily control the chopsticks to hold food

Material safety: finger chopsticks are made of plastic, safe and reusable, allowing you to use in your daily life, easy to clean, come and get our products

Good game partner: If you like to play video games, these lazy finger chopsticks are your good companions, which can prevent the screen from being greasy and dirty, affecting your gaming experience

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