BEEMAN Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers with Sealed Lid Lunch Box Freezer Dishwasher Oven

Price: 72.70 - 6.06



Some Issues that You will Care About:

Q:Does this bento box Suitable for ovens?

A: Yes,this bento box can support ovens.


Q:Does this lunch box retain heat or cold?

A:The box will keep food cool or warm for a few hours, but it does not have the long term temperature regulation like "thermos" type product. Our lid is insulated and there is a double-wall around the bottom box so this will retain heat or cold better than other stainless steel lunch boxes, but not as long as a thermos.

Q:What type of plastic is the top made out of?

A:The lid of this luch boxes made of polypropene (PP) and thermo plastic rubber (TPR). Both are recyclable. The majority of the lid is made of PP because of the strength and durability this material provides. The seals for each compartment are made of TPR to make them


Q:Do Crackers Get Stale?

A:The seals for this lunch box are leakproof,so they will also minimize air circulation to keep food fresh. In a normal day of use crackers should not get stale. But it would depend on how long you leave them in



1.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION.Crafted using 304 stainless steel, these food containers will provide long-term strength and use for years to come. The sturdy material is practically unbreakable, allowing you to get extensive use out of it unlike using disposables or plastic bags.


2.ECO-FRIENDLY, REUSABLE CONTAINERS.Save money and the environment by using containers that are free of chemicals. The steel containers and BPA-free, plastic lids preserve food while ensuring a safe eating experience – there’s no odor absorption or taste retention, and they can be reused and recycled to reduce waste.


3.PRESERVE FRESHNESS.Perfect for leftovers, baked goods, fruits, vegetables and snacks, these containers will keep you food fresh for long periods of time. The snap-on lids provide an airtight, leakproof seal to preserve freshness and prevent food from spilling out.


4.EASY TO USE.The stainless steel containers are great for preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer. If you want to warm up the food, simply remove the lid and place in a toaster or conventional oven for easy heating. For added convenience, the container set is also dishwasher safe. Simply place the items on the top rack for easy cleaning when needed.


5.SPACE-SAVING DESIGN.This set includes three different-sized containers that conveniently nest inside each other to take up less space in your kitchen cabinet when not being used. They’re perfect for storing a full meal, as well as sandwiches, salads and snacks to take to work or school.





Different sizes of containers can nest for easy storage. The large 1800ml is suitable for
marinated barbecued meat at a family party, the medium 850ml is pretty good for
sandwiches and sushi to kids school lunches, and the small 350ml is compatible
with some nuts and snacks during the travel.




Made from SUS304 grade steel, known for durability, lack of flavor transfer and corrosion
resistance. This Lunch and food containers will keep your food fresh and secure.



【REPEL ODORS& Leakproof 】

Food-grade polypropylene latches combined with silicone seal under lid provide a

leak-proof and smell-proof airtight seal for lunch boxes.Keep food fresh
longer. The lid and latch make the seal tight, Silicone ring makes the seal
tighter, do not worry that the food or soup will leak out. High edges prevent



【Thick Enough, High and low temperature resistance】

Durable, Not easy to broken. Using temperature environment from -20°-120°(-4°F-248°F). Suitable for Freeze and




Stainless steel won’t absorb stains or odors and is easy to clean and disinfect. The highly
polished surface is extremely easy to clean up leftoversue. Dishwasher Safe.








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