Bmax B1 Mini PC Intel J3060 dual core 4GB RAM 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB 64GB eMMc Windows 10 dual WiFi

Price: 1,276.73 - 817.08

Note:B1 Bundle:4+128GBSSD = 4GB Ram 64GBeMMc+128GBSSD   Total:192GB Memory

– Advanced operation system
Support the fast and powerful Win 10 operation system. Perfect for working, watching TV and playing games. stable configuration coupled with the highly Win 10. Support dual-screen, reduce the waiting time, improve your work efficiency. Say goodbye to the system freezing and buffering.
– Practical multi-media player
A practical home streaming media player, feel free to enjoy all your favorite movies, sports shows, and entertainment programs. And you can also save the games, movies and TV shows you like.

Compact Desktop Computing,Anywhere

It's BMAX's Mini PC,the BMAX MaxMini B1,which is small and weighs only 240g,so you can put it wherever you want.
It supports wall mount design to save space.When it connects with a monitor, it instantly become an all-in-one PC.

Fast,powerful.It just has performance to power your workday.

Get to work faster: Improve your efficiency with the Intel Celeron 3060 processor and 4GB RAM option.Plus the USB 3.0 Type-C and dual-band wireless features help maximize your performance.

Cool, quiet work environment

Extremely compact and energy efficient, the BMAX MaxMini B1 draws under 8 Watts of power- creating cooler,quieter working environments.We put a smart fan in the thin and light body to make the heat dissipation more efficient.

Versatility on every level

Ultimate configurability:Connect in all the ways you need to with our wide variety of mounting,display,wireless and wired connectivity options. Plus with expansion slots and forward-looking features,your setup easily addresses all your needs.

Various Compatible Devices

Meets a wide range of connected devices, including projectors, TVs, monitors, and printers

It has strong adaptability to the environment, which enables stable operation with no fear.

With Power Inside,Without A Compromise

Intel 8th Gen LP HD Graphics 400

It supports smooth playback of 4K Ultra HD video. It brings you a cinema experience and let you enjoy realistic visual effects.

64GB memory and 4GB memory bring a high-speed experience and refuse to wait.

Be first to connect to the world at unprecedented wireless speed.

Be first to get unimaginable performance and release your blazing potential.

Precautions for use
1. Failure to use the included power adapter may violate regulatory, compliance requirements and may expose the user to safety hazards
2. Windows 10 home system pre-installed
3. Do not use harsh or chemical solvent, cleaning products, we recommend using a soft cloth to wipe
5. Please note seepage while clean electronics, be careful of electric shock

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