Electric Blender Four Pieces Home 1000W Big Power Cooking Machine Handheld Whisk Crush Rod Grinding

Price: 570.40 - 285.20

1. This mixer set adopts 1000W power, strong function, large power and low noise, which is very suitable for daily use at home.
2. This six-speed blender kit is portable and can be operated with one hand. You can start cooking at the flick of a switch.
3. This set of blender can be used to grind meat quickly, eliminating the trouble of cutting meat with a knife, saving time and effort, convenient and fast.
4. This kind of mixer adopts petal-shaped mixing knife head, which can be chopped by flowing, so as to mix more evenly and chop more quickly.
5. This blender kit can be used for fine juicing, shredding, beating eggs, mixing ingredients, mincing meat and grinding, making it easy and easy to use.

Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Rate Power: 1000W
Speed Gear: 6
Number of Blades: 2
Capacity: 1L-3L
Voltage: 220V / 110V (Optional)
Plug: EU / US (Optional)
Package Size: 23 * 21 * 11.3cm / 9 * 8.2 * 4.5in
Package Weight: 1300g / 2.86lb

Note: Please read the product manual carefully before use.

Package list:
1 * Stirrer
1 * Egg Beater
1 * Ground Meat Bowl
1 * Grinding Cup
1 * Manual

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