For Magsafe Wallet Magnetic Card Holder Case For iPhone 14 13 11 12 Pro Max Compatible Phone Fashion

Price: 39.89

Dear friend, welcome
This card holder and ring is the best selling item in our storeBut at the same time, there are many problems.
Through the evaluation and feedback of my friends, I have summarized a few points to share with you.
1. This is not an official genuine product, and the cost of the official genuine product is too high.
2. The quality of the card package has received good feedback from many buyers. Thank you very much. On the other hand, the quality of the ring is very poor. I have changed the supplier of the ring, and the quality is now better than before.
3. How to use the ring: It should be pasted on the outside of the phone case, so that the wallet can be better absorbed. It is relatively thin, so be careful with scratches when using it.
4.Card packs are tight early on, but will be more and more suitable for those cards.
5. You can use it whether your phone is magnetic or not.

About the offer: We support mixed wholesale, you can save on shipping, it is recommended that you buy two pieces at a time to get an extra 10% discount. (Send a total of one package, please leave a message for large orders, I will give more discounts)


1. Select a favorite model and color to "Add the Car" (such as case + film);

2. Select "Go to Cart", or the "Car" logo in the upper right corner, tick them to enjoy an extra 10% off payment.

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will reply and do better:)

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