Geekom Mini IT8 SE Mini Pc,Mini Desktop Intel Core i3 8109U(2 Cores, 4 Threads, 4M Cache, Up to 3.60

Price: 3,772.44 - 2,263.46

Are you still running your PC on a giant host? Tangled cables, a huge footprint, and loud noise make moving extremely difficult. How about a tiny PC host that you can take between home and work? Are you looking for a sleek, stylish Mini PC that sets yours apart from everyone else's?

1. Small and Portable
Its volume is typically 1/30 that of a traditional desktop host, making it ideal for mobile offices.

2. Space-saving
With a VESA mount attached to the back of the display or TV screen, it can be transformed into an all-in-one PC in seconds, freeing up space for home life.

3. Excellent Performance
The performance of Mini PCs has reached a mature state. Most Mini PCs today can meet the majority of users' office, entertainment, industrial control, video playback, and other basic needs.

4. Energy-saving and Power-saving
Mini PCs use low-power processors, and their thermal design power (TDP) is typically between 10W and 17W, whereas the average power consumption of a traditional large desktop host is 100W~150W, which is ten times or even more than the power consumption of a Mini PC.

5. Fashionable Look
The exquisite and minimalist design makes your life and work more enjoyable.

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