Global ROM Mi Xiaomi 12S Ultra 5G Smartphone Snapdragon 8+ 12GB 256GB 120Hz AMOLED Screen 67W Charge

Price: 13,389.11 - 9,506.26

Support Google Services

Supports multiple languages such as Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.

CPU————– Snapdragon 8 +

Screen———– 6.73'' AMOLED, 3200 x 1440 FHD+, 120Hz Screen Refresh Rate

RAM+ROM—— 8GB + 256GB / 12GB + 256GB/ 12GB 512GB

Camera———- 50MP+50MP+50MP Triple Rear Camera, 32MP Front Camera

Battery———- 4600mAh(Typ) Battery, 67W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, 10W wireless reverse charging

OS—————-Global ROM .MIUI 13

Other———— Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, NFC

5G: n1 / n3 / n5 / n8 / n28a (uplink: 703MHz-733MHz, downlink: 758MHz-788MHz) / n38 / n40 / n41 /n77 / n78 / n79

Note: The actual network and frequency band usage depends on the deployment of local operators. The n3, n5, n8, and n28a frequency bands need to be supported by the operator through software upgrades after release;

4G: FDD-LTE: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B12 / B17 / B18 / B19 / B26

TDD-LTE: B34 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B41 / B42

Note: LTE B41 (2496-2690 194MHz);

3G: WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B6 / B8 / B19

2G: GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8; CDMA 1X: BC0

Loyal to Leica's 100-year quality

After joint research and development by Leica, continue to write original classic images

A nuanced and subtle experience that can be seen everywhere

Immersive creative atmosphere, always in place

     Professional Leica imaging, designed for your wholehearted expectation 

Adhering to professional camera design ideas

Sophisticated, streamlined, more classic

Let the design serve the function, and the hundreds of parts of the whole complex optical system,

Secure and protect with a metal square table. Finding the delicate balance between beauty and the capabilities of the imaging system

Good-looking and durable

Intriguing feel

Stain-resistant and durable, more natural skin-friendly, long-lasting excellent

Touch and elasticity, always comfortable.IP68

Dustproof and waterproof

More protection against interruption of inspiration

Sophisticated body craftsmanship makes it splash-proof and water-proof, as if it was born in the DNA.

There is no need to worry about the recording being accidentally interrupted, and the experience is more arbitrary and free.

professional image

This is a real Leica

amazing strength

There are more mysteries

8P ALD Ultra Low Reflective Professional Coating

Reduce glare and reduce artifacts

Excellent control for purer light and shadow performance.

Full 1" outsole

Outstanding light sensitivity

+72%120mm periscope telephoto

far view

Infection is coming

48-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, 1/2-inch outsole, 120mm equivalent

focal length. When shooting distant scenes at high magnification, OIS optical image stabilization and the newly equipped

Zoom EIS anti-shake works together on the screen, so that colors in the distance can also be seen

Clear presentation, greatly enhanced the sense of presence.13mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens

A little more viewing angle

see the extension of texture

128° ultra-wide-angle lens, 1/2-inch outsole and 48-megapixel power,

Presenting a wide Leica horizon. More support for AF autofocus, when the lens is far away

When the subject is too close, instantly switch the ultra-wide-angle lens and lock the focus. create

Inspiration is no longer stuck.Leica native dual image quality

Two tones, the same professional

Reshape photo aesthetics with centuries of color science.Leica classic image quality

Give you the authentic Leica style

The tone is continuous and complete, the contrast is strong, and the style is obvious.

Preserves the contrast between light and dark in the picture without overly retouching and enhancing it.

The color is close to the real expression, and the imaging has a sense of story.Three-dimensional tone / presence of colorLeica Bio quality

Feel the collision of tradition and avant-garde

The overall tone is brighter,

Focus on creating a warm atmosphere.

The color saturation is high, and the image is more eye-catching.Different presentations for you to chooseThe moment you cherish / just raise your hand

The meaning of images is to help you keep those pictures you don't want to miss.

Faster shooting speed, more accurate focus locking, every moment is worthwhile.Xiaomi Image Brain

The Master of Freeze Motion

Optimize the underlying architecture, and improve the startup speed, camera speed, and night shooting speed.

Greatly increase the speed of continuous photography*, you don't want to miss it

Lightning burst/30 shots per secondsight, hearing, inner feeling

Full of Leica flavor

Leica same filter

The various colors shine brightly, and the aesthetic taste is instantly full.Leica watermark. Record daily life, feel very unusualDolby Vision HDR video capture 

Record, display, both surprisingly

Now, with an awesome twist on the Dolby video experience, you can go from viewer to creator.

Easily record 10bit color depth with Xiaomi 12S Ultra,

Get sharp, vivid, near-real-world, stunning images with a visible dynamic range boostAdobe Camera RAW 

2K Super Vision Screen

Let Leica perform, every eye is amazed

6.73″ large screen size, 2K resolution, 16,000-level brightness adjustment, 1.07 billion colors,

It also supports Dolby Vision display, and the experience is very different.Outstanding performance
, strong and balanced

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