Google Startups Accelerator wants to increase the number of Indian female founders

Google has introduced a groundbreaking initiative to support Indian women-led businesses. Google has started the Google for Startups Accelerator-India Women Founders project to help CEOs who are women in India.

The new initiative will provide assistance in areas such as hiring and finance for startup companies. Up to 20 female-led enterprises will receive support from the initiative over the course of three months. The most female-centric startups, especially those in the MVP stage, will be rewarded. This effort is a part of a larger Google effort to increase the number of women working in the IT sector in India.

Google’s involvement in the supply of highly skilled labor throughout the whole digital economy has grown steadily over the years. Mentorship, staffing, financing, and establishing connections are just some of the ancillary topics that will be discussed throughout the course of the program. Training on Google’s mobile platforms and tools will also be available. Women’s already limited participation in top roles in subcontinental startups should benefit from this initiative. According to one striking figure, less than 15% of Indian firms have one or more female founders.

Google hopes to increase the number of female business owners by bolstering their confidence and training them in new skills. You have until July 10, 2022, to apply to the Google for Startups Accelerator for Women Founders in India. It will be another huge step by the search engine giant toward achieving its goal of achieving gender parity in Indian tech firms.

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