Handleiding Ei Shaker Ei Puller Scrambler Huishoudelijke Gouden Ei Roeren Creatieve Wit Yolk Mixer

Price: 168.55 - 84.24





Package including:1pc egg mixer


1. Without damaging the eggshell, centrifugal force is used to make the egg white and egg yolk more evenly mixed together.

2. Simple and fun. The whole process will not damage the eggshell, and the egg white and yolk will not come into contact with the air, making it cleaner and safer.

3.After the egg is cooked, it will become a golden egg with a mixture of yolk and egg white. The operation is simple and it is easier to absorb nutrients.

4. Food-grade silicone pads can provide 360° stable protection for the eggs, safe and effective, and will not damage the eggs.

5. Made of thick PC material. Transparent, wear-resistant, and drop-resistant.


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