Here is OnePlus’ official response to the overheating issue plaguing the OnePlus 10R and Ace.

Customers in China have already begun receiving their OnePlus Aces (the Chinese version of the OnePlus 10R) since the OnePlus 10R went on sale in India yesterday. Initial reactions on social media have not been positive, and OnePlus has been forced to address the overheating issues in China’s mainstream media.

According to Sina Finance, a well-known Chinese news outlet, a Weibo user recently received his brand new OnePlus Ace cellphone and experienced overheating concerns that made the gadget uncomfortable to use in the hands.

While playing a game for just an hour, the user’s phone’s battery temperature had already risen to 43.7 degrees Celsius, while the CPU was at 46.5 degrees Celsius. In addition, another Weibo user had shared a video indicating that his OnePlus Ace battery was considerably hotter at 44.6 degrees Celsius, while the CPU was even more painful to the touch at 60.4.

It has been revealed that the Weibo user had been playing Genshin Impact for an hour and thought that the phone was warming because his hands became uncomfortable when the phone reached temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius. He felt that the OnePlus Ace (rebranded globally as OnePlus 10R) had quality control issues.

Even while high temperatures during gaming are typical and expected, OnePlus says they are not a problem and will not impede day-to-day use of their devices. OnePlus’ press response reaffirms this point.

As of April 21st, the OnePlus Ace was the first phone to integrate MediaTek’s Dimensity 8100 MAX, which claimed better performance than the normal 8100. When the OnePlus 10R debuted in India on April 28th, it was renamed the OnePlus 10R internationally.

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