Improvements to Kindle Scribe’s writing and organization features

Improvements to Kindle Scribe’s writing and organization features include new brush types and folders.

In November of 2022, Amazon released the Kindle Scribe, an e-reader optimized for handwriting. Now, a fresh software update is adding more conveniences to the mix.

Information for the Kindle Scribe has been updated.

The included pen has been updated in a number of key ways, the most notable of which is the addition of new brush types. Improved pressure and tilt capabilities allow for greater precision with the Kindle Scribe’s fountain pen, marker, and pencil brush options. In the Quick Launch menu for the Premium Pen, sticky notes, and the writing toolbar, you’ll find these new brush options.

The ability to create notebook subfolders has also been enhanced, making it easier to keep track of one’s work when producing large amounts of content. When in a parent folder, users can press the “+” button to make a new one and then relocate it if necessary.

With the latest software, it’s also simpler to move around within notebooks. The “Go to page” option can be accessed from the notebook’s three-dot menu by typing in the desired page number.

In the future, Amazon plans to add lasso copy/paste tools, better notebook organization and navigation, and the ability to send documents directly to the Kindle Scribe from Microsoft Word via a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Dimensions of the Kindle Scribe:

The Kindle Scribe’s 10.2-inch, 300PPI, glare-free paperwhite screen was designed to feel and function similarly to writing with a pen on paper, making the writing experience feel more natural and comfortable.

Both the Basic and Premium pens, which attach magnetically to the side of the device, are very accurate and feel natural to use. The on-screen writing menu for the pen includes options for different line widths, a highlighter tool, an eraser tool, and an undo tool.

The Premium Pen has a handy eraser on top and a shortcut button that can be set to erase, highlight, or open a new sticky note, among other things.

The Kindle Scribe’s digital sticky notes feature makes it simple to add handwritten notes to books or journals, and it also allows you to take notes using different types of notetaking templates, such as to-do lists and lined paper, perfect for keeping track of tasks and jotting down meeting notes.

You can get one with 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB of storage, and it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can easily share and access your documents and reading material. Based on half an hour of daily reading time with wireless turned off and the light setting at 13, a single charge can last for up to 12 weeks. With the wireless turned off and the brightness set to 13, a single charge can last for up to three weeks of writing.

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