Inokstech Walnut Cookie Mold Cooker Top Casting 16'lı walnut cookie mold machine 16 half

Price: 436.00 - 287.76

  • In the process of cooking energy saving (non-stick coating, uniform heating and heat the maintenance of the dishes duvarlarını and underlines more thick. Probably, each of us unusual flavors will remember and childhood mother, grandma or prepared by neighbouring yoğunlaştırılmış milk stuffed magic kernels.
  • Baking pan with non-stick coating how questions about temizleyeceğiniz easy care, then the answer is very simple: non-stick coatings most care is easy-just soft rinse with a sponge or in the dishwasher.
  • Protect the beneficial properties of products (non-stick coatings baking forms granite stone, during oil and oil allows you to minimize the amount of.
  • With non-stick coating baking forms, considered the most eco-friendly and safe for human health. Excellent non-stick properties owners, cooking işleminde fast and evenly heat up. The Minimum amount of oil kullanabileceksiniz-so the products all the beneficial trace elements and vitaminlerini will protect it.

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