iOS 16 adds new iPhone feature for cellular iCloud backups, LTE

How to back up your iPhone or iPadSource: Joseph Keller/iMore

Apple has added a new feature to iOS 16 that lets users back up their devices to iCloud over an LTE connection, as well as 5G just like iOS 15.

Apple released the second developer beta of iOS 16 on Wednesday, and its release notes include the new back up features for that and iPadOS 16:

Customers using iOS 16 can now back up their device over an LTE cellular connection, as well as a 5G or Wifi connection. (95276719)

Customers on iOS 15 already have the option to back up their devices using a cellular connection, however it is currently limited to 5G. The new feature in iOS 16 lets users back up their devices even when 5G isn’t an option and they aren’t…


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