iPod: Apple will no longer be manufacturing the most recent model

Today is the final day for one of the world’s most renowned and recognizable technology companies. There will no longer be a new iPod touch, as Apple has confirmed that it will no longer be making this device.

There will only be a limited number of the $199 iPod touch devices available at Apple retail outlets while supplies last. Apple’s website still has a retail page for the iPod, but it’s hidden in the main site navigation and has a “while supplies last” indicator.

Even though the newest iPod touch came out in 2019, it was just a small update, and Apple hasn’t made a new iPod model in a long time.

The iPod’s doom has long been foretold, but thanks to its status as an iPhone-lite for kids and tweens, it has remained popular. According to Apple’s press release announcing the iPod’s retirement, other devices like the iPhone and iPad “live on” in some way. According to Apple marketing SVP Greg Joswiak, this is a quote:

For example, the press release lists the iPhone SE as an alternative that buyers who were thinking about buying an iPod should think about instead.

Since 2001, there have been several different models of iPods, including the Mini, the Shuffle, and the Nano. The iPod touch, which is currently being phased out, initially appeared on the scene in 2007. In contrast to previous iPods, this one lacks cellular calling capabilities but otherwise resembles an iPhone. This is the iPod touch’s seventh edition.

For a long time, smartphones—even ones that didn’t exist until Apple’s iPhone came out—included iPod functions as a standard feature, making the iPod obsolete.

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