Is the Apple mask available for purchase in the U.S.?

Apple’s engineers designed masks for their staff during the height of the COVID pandemic. Apple masks can be purchased, but where?

Billion-dollar masks were sold in a few months before work-from-home orders became commonplace and millions of people were still going to work every day.

In order to protect themselves and their coworkers, companies of all sizes have mandated that their employees wear masks to work. There was no exception to this rule, and Apple was no different. It’s only fitting that the iPhone maker would develop its own masks for its employees, but that’s exactly what they did!

This is a mask of an apple.

All-day wearability, no steaming of glasses, and an adjustable strap were among the requirements set by Apple for its engineers to build a mask for the company’s newest product, the iMask.

Employees at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino and in its retail outlets were given the Apple Mask. As a result of non-Apple employees’ desire to own an Apple mask, millions of individuals Googled “Can you get an Apple mask?” to see if it was possible.

Is It Possible To Purchase An Apple Face Mask?

The Apple Mask was created and manufactured by Apple for its employees. Customers like you and I cannot purchase an Apple Mask because it was never meant to be offered to the general public. Instead, anyone who wants one must work for Apple.

In 2020 and 2021, Apple asked visitors to its workplaces to wear one of the masks. Visitors to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino during the previous two years were likely given an Apple Mask to wear while touring the property. Apple Masks, on the other hand, can’t be bought at any of Apple’s stores or online.

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