Japanese style linen woven heat insulation pad household anti-scalding placemat table mat coaster

Price: 104.15 - 43.76

Material: Preferable jute Process: Hand-woven Cleaning: Washed/Machine Washed/Do not expose to dry
Description: This is a hand-woven jute product, which cannot be compared with mechanical weaving products.
The fine detail of the product, while the pure jute character results in small cut ends and small
Miscellaneous color and other issues are irresistible factors in product design, not as quality issues
and defects.
Why it is recommended:
Jute is the earliest fiber used by human beings, and has the current proud water absorption and dehumidification
performance, is a popular product of Western placemats.
It has strong natural antibacterial ability, which changes the antibacterial and water absorption of synthetic fibers.
The disadvantages of wetness, let the family health be upgraded in an all-round way, choose nature, choose health
Choose a more natural and simple home style.

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