Joie Potato Masher Ricer Crusher Vegetable Tools Kitchen Gadgets Silicone Handle Stainless Steel

Price: 176.80 - 109.61


Joie Two-Tone Masher comes with an integrated design prevents masher from touching counter top. At Joie Shop, they've been transforming kitchens all over the world for the past 60 years. Joie Shop provides a vast selection of kitchenware, gadgets and utensils that can transform any cooking experience. It's best known for their vibrant, colorful novelty collection. Their kitchen accessories are designed to simplify our daily culinary tasks. They have a unique kitchen supply that fits any kitchen style. From spatulas to fondue sets, Joie Shop has just what you need to show off your inner master.

  • Integrated design prevents masher from touching counter top

  • Made from durable heat resistant nylon up to 204C / 400f

  • Ergonomic design with soft grip handle

  • Perfect for all your mashing tasks

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