Launch of the Redmi Note 11T and Redmi Note 11T Pro scheduled for this month

Redmi has now officially confirmed that the Redmi Note 11T and Note 11 Pro smartphones will go on sale in China later this month. Redmi has confirmed that it would not be launching the Redmi Note 12 series in May as previously reported. Everything you need to know about the Note 11T twins is here.

The Redmi Note 11T series will have “turbo-level performance” and Redmi’s first performance acceleration technology, according to the company’s announcement. Additionally, it will provide a premium experience. To date, Samsung has not confirmed the hardware specifications for the Note 11T and Note 11T Pro models.

Specifications of the Redmi Note 11T and Note 11T Pro
Chinese certification platforms such as TENAA and 3C have reported seeing two Redmi smartphones with model numbers 22041216C and 22041216UC in the last few weeks. The Redmi Note 11T is slated to debut in China, although it will be distinct from the Redmi Note 11 that is now available in India and other territories under the same name. The Redmi Note 11T Pro is believed to be the model name for the 22041216UC when it arrives in China.

Redmi Note 11T’s 6.6-inch display is expected to have a Full HD+ resolution and be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor. As far as we know, it will have a 4,300mAh battery. According to its 3C certification, the phone is capable of charging at a maximum of 67W. The Dimensity 1300 chipset is rumored to be in the Note 11T.

When it comes to the Pro model, the Dimensity 8000 chipset is expected to be used. In terms of specifications, it might have the same 6.6-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate. The device has a 4,980 mAh battery and can be charged at 120W. The Android 12 and MIUI 13 operating systems, respectively, are likely to power both devices. Note 11T’s additional specifications have not been revealed.

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