Lenovo Legion Y9000P 2022 Gaming Laptop 12th Intel i7-12700H GeForce RTX3060 6G/RTX3070Ti 8G 165Hz

Price: 26,538.29 - 18,046.02

Shopping Tips:

1.The original keyboard and touchpad language system of the notebook computer is originally Windows 11Home Edition, Chinese language. Before shipment, we will modify the operating language for you to the Global version【The default language is English, you can choose to add the language you need in the settings】. If there are special language changes, you can contact our Customer service in advance,we happy to help you! Aliexpress OLOEY PROJECTOR GLOBAL Store
2、We can also install the Windows Pro version for you, if you need it, you can contact us in advance.
3. The original laptop has an English keyboard layout. We can give you keyboard stickers from different countries, but the keyboard layout cannot be modified,pls understand.
4.The laptop has multiple parameter configurations. Please read the corresponding configuration parameters carefully before placing an order. Due to the wrong configuration selection due to personal reasons, we will not accept any form of return or refund I wish you a happy shopping, if you have any questions, you can consult our customer service, we are very happy to serve you!
5.Dear friend, the laptop is a high-value product. What we have installed for you is the genuine global version of windows11 system(need open the box to change system,please know that). After you receive the laptop to activate the system, We do not support returns if it is not a quality problem of laptop itself.Because the system is a virtual product, a single activation cannot be used for secondary sales. Please understand.Aliexpress OLOEY PROJECTOR GLOBAL Store
6、Dear friend, Some laptops will have some factory problems, and technicians also need to detect them. Before sending, our technicians will fully inspect the laptops for some manufacturing defects or factory failures, so we need to open your laptop, Please understand that we will only arrange to ship it for you after making sure that the laptop is free of problems. Because of the long international shipping time, it is more difficult to deal with the problem of the laptop, which is also for the consideration that you can receive the product in good condition. We will thank you very much for your cooperation and hope you have a good shopping experience!
7、Before the notebook is sent, it will be tested by technicians to ensure that there is no problem before it is sent to our customers. After the notebook is opened, non-quality problems do not support returns. Buying notebook stores enjoy half a year of Xiaomi official warranty service (manually caused notebook computer failure or damage does not support warranty service), I hope you can understand, if you have any questions, you are welcome to consult our customer service at any time. Warranty Policy Detail–From Aliexpress OLOEY PROJECTOR GLOBAL Store :

Product configuration:

Version 1
Lenovo Legion Y9000P 2022
12th Gen Intel i7-12700H Windows 11
16GB/32GB DDR5 512GB/1TB/2TB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6G
Video memory capacity: 6GB
Video memory type: GDDR6

Version 2
Lenovo Legion Y9000P 2022
12th Gen Intel i7-12700H
16GB/32GB DDR5 512GB/1TB/2TB SSD
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB
Video memory capacity: 8GB
Video memory type: GDDR6

CPU: 12th Gen Intel® Core i7
CPU model: i7-12700H
Maximum turbo frequency: 4.7GHz
Number of cores: Fourteen cores

HDMI、 2-in-1 3.5mm audio interface、RJ45 (Ethernet port) x1
、Type-C interface x2、Other interface USB 3.2Gen1 x3
ThunderBolt4.0 x1

Screen size 16 inches
Physical resolution 2560 x 1600

The internet
Wireless network card Wifi6 E
Bluetooth Yes

720p HD webcam
Backlit keyboard
Battery 80Whr
Product Weight about 2.53Kg
Size thin 19.9mm-26.4mm

Thank you for purchasing our laptop!

1. This laptop is a high-value and expensive item. Please check before you sign for the package. If you sign for the package, our default package is no problem!
If after signing you find that the product is damaged due to logistics transportation or the item is replaced by another product, or the collision accident during transportation may cause irreparable damage to the screen, even if the outer box is in good condition, please Carry out inspection services for laptop computers.
2. Please check carefully before logging in to make sure it is the laptop you purchased to ensure your interests. Once checked, it is found that the product does not match your purchase instructions or the logistics cause damage. Please refuse to sign and return to contact us.
3. The original computer plug is a CN plug. When sending the package for you, we will match you with power adapters from different countries so that you can use the product normally.
4. It is the responsibility of each buyer to pay customs duties. The tariff policies of each country/region are different. As a seller, we do not know the specific tariff situation of each country/region. You can consult your local customs.

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