LG WING LMF100N LMF100VM 5G Mobile Phone Refurbished-99%New 6.8'' OLED Screen 8GB RAM

Price: 3,783.30 - 2,648.31

Purchase Tips:

1.We will test the phone carefully before shipment. It is refurbished phone, not brand new. So we don't accept any disputes or complaint for the reason:fake or not new.

2.Please contact us at once if there is any problem with the phone. Any disassembly or repairing neither by buyer nor repairing store without our permission will be considered as man-made problem, we do not accept any dispute or refund due to this kind of situation.

3.The battery efficiency of refurbished or used phone will be less than standard.Normally it would be 80%.-90% We do not accept any test from the third party applications, such as: phone info , IMEI info, Hadraware Test, AccuBattery etc. And we do not accept any dispute with the reason such as the battery capacity is not as described.

4.All our mobile phones have warranty labels, please keep the warranty labels as they are for 15 days, otherwise we will not accept any disputes or compensation for quality problems.


LMF100N——————Korea Version, it is 128GB ROM

LMF100VM——————-US Version, it is 256GB ROM

Package Content:

Simple Set
1 X Mobile Phone
1 X Charger
1 X Data Cable

Full Set
1 X Mobile Phone
1 X Charger
1 X Data Cable
1 X Earphone
1 X User Manual
1 X Retail Box
(Accessories are new, but not original)

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