Metal Egg Scissors Eggshell Opener Eggshell Cutter Double Head Egg Topper Shell Opener Boiled Raw

Price: 37.45

Product name: Egg Topper
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
① Double Head Egg opener:
Length: 8cm; Small diameter: 2.5cm; Major diameter: 3.5cm
② Large single Head Egg opener:
Length: 10.5cm; Diameter: 3.5cm
③ Small single Head Egg opener:
Length: 9.5cm; Diameter: 2.5cm

1. Made from superior quality stainless steel, hardwearing, stain resistant and easy to keep clean. 
2. Crack the eggshell nicely and easily in seconds, just need to pull the ball up and hold it, then let go, leave a perfect score around the egg. 
3. Suits for raw egg, soft boiled egg or hard boiled egg, can make various egg cuisine. 
4. With this clever kitchen tools you can easily make egg custard, pudding, little cake even some green plants artwork for your families. Perfect gift for various festivals! 

Usage method:
1.Holding the egg by hand, make sure that your egg cutter is placed on the top of the pointed end of the egg.
2.Pull the ball up and then let go to beat the egg. Generally, raise the hammer to a height of about 0.6in (1.5cm) and knock the eggshell 3-4 times. You can get a complete eggshell top.

Package Includes:
1 * Egg opener
1 * Egg opener+1 * Egg separator

1. Manual measuring, please allow a little 1 ~ 2mm error, thank you.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please allow a little color difference. 
3.When cracking the egg, hold the eggs with your hands and do not put them on hard objects such as egg trays or egg holders.
4.During the multiple tapping process, be careful not to move the initial position where the egg opener is placed.




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