MLIA Profession Meat Hammer Portable Loose Tool Meat Tenderizer Needle Dual-Sided Meat Mallet with

Price: 152.25 - 85.26

MLIA Meat Tenderizer, Dual-Sided, Meat Mallet, Meat Hammer

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: A round head with a balanced design that allows the mallet and gravity to do all the work in less time. Easy on your hand & arm!

MORE THAN A TENDERIZER: Crush ice for cocktails, loosening frozen vegetables, crack crab, and crush garlic, Great for baking: shell nuts, and crush hard candy like toffee or peppermint

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Easy to make delicate pork and poultry for wafer thin cutlets, schnitzel and roll ups. Use the textured side for tenderizing to create perfect, tender, juicy steaks, or use the flat smooth side for pounding filets thin, perfect for tenderizing cuts of meat.

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