Newest HW7 Max Smart Watch HD 1.99 Full Screen Men NFC Power Saving Mode Women SmartWatch PK W27 Pro

Price: 58.70

CHENZKJ HW7 Max NFC Smart Watch 1.99 inch 420*480 TFT Men IWO Watch Series 7 Voice Assistant Bluetooth Call Power Saving Mode Clock Women Fitness Band

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The HW7 Max smartwatch has a 1.99 inch Ultra Wide Screen TFT LCD screen with 420x 480 pixel resolution. It is a sharp display screen smartwatch with full touch screen operation.Support Wireless Charging,Support NFC function, the watch can send the physical access card to the information is copied to the watch chip, so that the watch can be used as a key.

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2.Please do not put the smart watch into the water.

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【Basic Information】

  • Modle:  CHENZKJ HW7 Max

  • Screen: 1.99 inch TFT LCD screen

  • Screen resolution:420x 480 resolution.

  • Touch screen: Full screen touch + physical buttons

  • Battery: 200 mAh

  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.2

  • Compatilbe:IOS 10.0 or above/ Android 5.0 or higher.


  • Built-in smart chip,bluetooth transmission,bring a better visual experience,watching videos,live broadcasts,surfing the circle of friends,chasing drama are all indispensable,multi-functional smart watch smart remote control on the wrist


    • Only record steps and display time screen brightness reduced to 25%

【Health function】

  • It can monitor your heart rate changes 24 hours, helping you understand the long-term changes in health problems. H7 Max integrates more than 10 health management functions such as breathing training,stress testing,scientific sleep management,blood oxygen detection, monitoring reminder, etc, monitoring physical and mental health in 360 degrees without dead ends

【Health reminder】

    • Sedentary reminder, drink water reminder, distant view reminder, exercise reminder, medicine reminder, reading reminder, travel reminder

【Social Payment function】

  • You can read messages on the fitness tracker from WeChat, QQ, SMS, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. Support Paypal, Wechat, Alipay.

  • Support Alipay offline payment,easy payment, convenient and worry-free

【Design and Display】

Check this classy sporty strap, the H7 Max smartwatch. with thin body. It has a full metal body design with very slim bezel. , the wearable has a slim bezel classy metal body with two physical button on the side. The smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel buckle

【NFC function】

By simulating the NFC access control card,the watch can copy the physical access control card information to the watch chip,so that the watch can be used as a key


Combined with the new intelligent algorithm of wearfit pro app,it monitors the blood sugar trend of users around the clock,and formulates a regular healthy life for you


Support Alipay scan code payment,you can easily pay even if you forget your mobile phone.


Support opening the auxiliary communication of the mobile phone through the voice assistant,make phone calls,send text messages,set up voice reminders,and more


The new health guard function supports the location sharing of relatives and friends,health data monitoring,and guards the health of relatives and friends at all times


Dial market,Smart split screen display,Alipay offline payment,voice assistant,Application market,Blood glucose monitoring,Real-time positioning of relatives and friends,Respiratory rate,Off screen time setting,Custom component,Pressure,Voice calls,Password lock screen,Motion track view,Private education course push,Wallet function,Play music,Calories,Breath training


The app supports most smart phones with Bluetooth 5.2,Support system: iOS 10.0 or above,Android5.0


1.99 full screen | power saving mode | NFC access card | short video remote control

-short video remote control | offline payment | NFC access card | weather/meteorology | voice assistant | full screen


1.99 inch high-definition color screen,up to 420*480px high resolution,the screen has no borders,bringing a clear visual

experience on the wrist(Extremely narrow bezel,the display area is increased by about 25%)

-1.99inch high color rendering

-420*480 high resolution ultra-smooth swipe experience

-high screen ratio borderless full screen


The new ultra-convenient wireless charging,just touch it ,it will start charging immediately,with the upgraded low-power chip

and optimized battery life algorithm,it only takes 3 hours for a full charge


Only record steps and display screen brightness reduced to 25%

*In power saving mode,long press the up button for 3s to exit power saving mode,or until the power is restored to 100%,it will

automatically exit the power saving mode


A variety of massive personalized dials,the mechanical style with a sense of technology,the sports style with full vitality…it also supports you to upload

photos to customize the exclusive dial,and you can see the wonderful life when you life your wrist


Double-click the crown in the menu interface toggle menu style


The smart remote control on the wrist of the multi-functional smart watch is indispensable for browsing the circle of friends,watching videos,

live broadcasts,and charsing dramas


By simulating the NFC access control card,the watch can copy the physical access control card information to the watch chip,so

that the watch can be used as a key


Make a phone call,check the weather,ask for an address ,ask for a route,check a restaurant,,, wake up the intelligent AI assistant as any time


The horizontal and vertical screens can be switched freely,and the charging always-on mode is not dazling,say goodbye to

the bedside blindness at night


Daily update of the current weather/ wearther information of the city where you are located


Wearing it on your hand ,you can directly monitor your heart rate,blood pressure,etc..and know your physical health at any

also has multi-dimensional health management functions such as sedentary reminders and sleep monitoring to improve your health in all aspects

*This product is not a medical device,the measurement data and results are for reference only,not as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.


Intelligent blood oxygen monitoring,easy to master oxygen health status throughout the day


Using a blood pressure algorithm to measure changes in blood pressure,know your blood pressure status at any time


24-Hour autonomous timing monitoring,take care of your heart rate health 24/7


Combined with the new intelligent algorithm of Wearfit pro app,it monitors the blood sugar trend of users around the clock,

and formulates a regular healthy life for you

How to connect the new wearfit pro smartwatch?

Please perform the following steps:

1. Before the first use, please charge the new device for at least 10 minutes to ensure the normal start and optimal operation of the device;

2. Power on (long press the power on for 3-5 seconds);

3. After starting the watch, scan the code and download the QR code of the APP "Wearfit pro". Scan the code with the phone or search the APP "wearfit pro" directly in the APP store for downloading.

4. After the registration, scan the qr code on the watch in the APP to connect, or conduct bluetooth search directly in the APP.


1) The Phone system requirements Android5.0 + / ios10.0+ D: Make sure that the Bluetooth of the phone is on, and then open the APP to connect with the watch;

2) Do not directly use the bluetooth connection of the mobile phone system.

The App cannot search for the Bluetooth of the watch

1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on.

2. Disconnect the bluetooth of the phone and ignore the bluetooth connection between the watch and the phone, because the APP will automatically block the device connected to the Bluetooth.

Wearfit pro smartwatch encounters problems such asjammed or crashed, etc.

1. First, press the physical button for 3-5 seconds to shut down, and then press the button to restart;

2. If you cannot restart the watch by pressing the button for a long time, it can be connected to the power supply to charge the watch, and the watch will automatically recover in the charging state.

Android phones will be disconnected by Bluetooth when the APP interface is turned off

Android mobile phone system memory management background will force the application to close, need to turn off the power-saving mode or pull the application into the green background, the application will not be forced to close.App must be running in the background and Bluetooth will not automatically disconnect.

The different step counting between the watch and the mobile phone

Because the use scenarios of mobile phones and watches are different, and there is no GPS positioning chip in the watch, the swing of the watch in daily wearing may be counted as certain data, so the step counting data generated by the watch will be different from that of the mobile phone. In order to reduce the error, the watch usually sets the initial value of step counting to 20. When we walk more than 20 steps, the number of steps will be calculated.

make Bluetooth call/wake up SIRI?

1. Pull down on the main interface of the watch and the position as shown in the figure will appear:

2. Click the Bluetooth logo to turn on

3. Search and connect to the Bluetooth named “HW12 CALL” in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone

About the Languages

1. Watch built-in UI display interface language:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

2. Message push:

Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian

3. APP Support language:

Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Russian, Thai, Czech, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Estonian, Bulgarian, latvian, Lithuanian, romanian, Serbian, slovak.

4. Why the watch cannot change the language?

The user cannot directly set the display language in the watch. When the watch is connected to the mobile app successfully, the watch language will automatically switch with the mobile phone system language. Tip: the watch only supports 5 default UI languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian)

Message notification

1. Unable to receive APP messages such as QQ and WeChat.

1) The notification permission of APP on the mobile phone is not opened

Take WeChat as an example, open the phone Settings – status bar and notifications – WeChat – allow notifications

2) The intelligent reminder of "Wearfit pro" APP is not opened

How to handle it: open the APP — connect the bracelet — Device management — Intelligent reminder — APP Reminder — close the appropriate switch, and then turn it back on

3) Mobile phone does not allow the "Wearfit pro" APP to read the notification permission

How to handle it: Enter the phone Settings — auxiliary functions (some phones are barrier-free) — "Wearfit pro" APP — turn on the switch

Note: when the notification pops up at the top of the screen of the phone, the bracelet will be reminded. When the phone is in the interface of QQ and WeChat, the bracelet will not be reminded.If you log in at the same time on your computer or mobile phone, or in multiple places at the same time, you may not receive a reminder.


Mobile phone Settings – In the Bluetooth interface, you can only connect one bracelet. If you connect multiple bracelets, you will fail to receive message reminders.Ignore the extra connections before you try again.

2. Unable to receive incoming calls, text messages, alarm clocks, sedentary reminders, etc

1) Please have a look at the device management — intelligent reminder — Do Not Disturb mode in the "Wearfit pro" APP. Is the do Not disturb mode turned on? Once the do not disturb mode is turned on, all the reminders are turned off.

2) If the "do not Disturb" mode is not on, please turn off the switch of call, text message, alarm clock and sitting for a long time and turn it on again.

3) If the above method cannot be solved, you need to open the permission of "Wearfit pro" APP in the phone Settings – auxiliary function.

3. Why is the screen not on when the message is reminded?            

In order to prolong the use time of the watch, when the screen is in the off state and there is a new message to remind, the watch will only vibrate and the screen will not light up, and the message content will be displayed on the screen when the user needs to lift his wrist to check the message.

After the phone restarts, why are some Settings restored?

Because the restart mechanism of a watch is quite different from that of a mobile phone. After the watch is restarted, the system refreshes the memory data and self repairs some problems, such as the crash, stuck, screen, etc. Therefore, after the watch is restarted, the settings in the watch will return to the default settings with the system refresh.

After the watch is unmatched with the mobile app, the watch data is restored.

After the watch is unmatched with the mobile app, the watch will return to the factory settings, so the data in the watch will be restored.

Why is the time on the watch sometimes inaccurate?

When the watch is powered off and powered on again, the display time of the watch may appear error. In this case, please connect to the mobile app again, and the bracelet will automatically calibrate the time of the mobile phone.

Why are heart rate measurements different from other watches?

When users measure heart rate, different wearing environment or wearing methods will cause certain data difference. Because the heart rate measurement is based on the PPG photoelectric principle, there is a distance requirement for light reflection, such as wearing too tight or too loose will affect the accuracy of measurement.            Note: the data of heart rate measured by watch can only be used for daily reference, not for medical purpose.

Why can't I set the alarm time in my watch?

This watch has no alarm setting function. The user needs to connect the "Wearfit pro" app to open and set the alarm clock in the app. The alarm setting will be automatically synchronized to the watch end for alarm clock reminder.

How is the custom do not disturb mode set?

1. There are two options in do not disturb mode, i.e. "all day do not disturb" and "time do not disturb". Only one of the two options can be selected. When selecting "all day do not disturb", timed "no disturbing" will be automatically turned off; when "time not disturbing" is selected, all day no disturbing will be turned off automatically.            

2. If the end time is less than or equal to the start time, the system will select the next day's do not disturb by default, and the selected do not disturb time is calculated from the next time period, for example: it is 10:00 a.m., and I have selected 9.00-18.00 in the timing do not disturb, then the do not disturb start time is 9.00-18.00 the next day; if you want to let today's 10:00-18:00 Do not disturb, you can only select 10.00-18.00, that is, the start time must be greater than or equal to the current time to set it as do not disturb from now on.

Dial market and custom dial issues  

The watch system has four dial pages by default, the first three are fixed dial, the last one is custom dial. The user-defined dial page needs to be operated on the mobile phone app, and changes with the setting of the dial market or user-defined dial; if there is no dial market or user-defined dial set on the mobile phone app, this dial page will not display any dial.

Why doesn't the watch react after you click the shake photo in the watch?            

The photo menu on the watch side can not directly open the mobile camera, only control the app photo taking function on the mobile phone.            

Note: the watch photo control function can only be used after the "shake photo" function is opened from the successfully connected mobile phone app.

Why can't the data circle of the watch dial page move?            

The data circle on the front page of data display is the background map, not the dynamic diagram of real data display.

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