Next up for Google Play is Amazon Kindle book purchases

Kindle digital book purchases on Android have been disabled by Amazon in a move that follows a similar move to remove Audible audiobook purchases from the Amazon Play Store app. Of course, the Google Play crackdown is to blame. All Google Play Store apps must begin using Google Play billing for digital purchases on June 1 or they will be removed from the market entirely. Google Play billing has been in the rules for a long time, but the company is now ending a strategy of enforcement that allowed businesses to run their own prices.

There is no longer a purchase button for digital books on the Amazon app; instead, a link to “Why can’t I buy on the app?” appears. You can see a pop-up that reads, “” Amazon Link. ” “No more new material can be purchased in order to comply with Google Play Store standards.” With the app, you can keep track of books you want to buy and add them to your reading list. “

Purchases of Amazon Music on the Google Play app have likewise been discontinued. As a result, Amazon’s Google Play app will no longer be able to make in-app purchases like its iOS counterpart. It’s possible for Android users to buy digital content or sign up for an unlimited subscription through the Amazon website, even though the Play Store has a limit.

Some prominent corporations have responded to the rule change by deleting in-app purchases from their Android apps because of Google Play invoicing. Epic Games has taken Google to court, while Barnes & Noble has disabled digital purchases on its own Android gear as a result of the controversy. Since March 31, companies that don’t use Google Play for in-app purchases have been officially prevented from releasing app updates, and on June 1, those apps will no longer be available in the Play Store.

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