Oyster Shucking Tools Stainless Steel with Wooden Non-Slip Handle Leather Sheath and Resistant

Price: 74.58 - 44.75

Features of The Oyster Shucker with Cut Proof Gloves Set :
1. The durable and solid wood handle ensures a firm, comfortable grip.
2. Stainless steel blade gives the knife the strength it needs to open oysters and makes it incredibly durable for years of use.
3. The large guard will protect your hands from hitting sharp pieces from the oyster shell.
4. Versatile enough for any shape and species of oyster or shellfish. Gift for any special occasion and for any oyster lover.
5. Equipped with the no cut gloves, making you safer and more productive.
How to open an oyster
1.Clean the outside of the oyster under running water to remove any loose grit or barnacles. Rub the shell with your fingers or use a stiff brush if you have one for this purpose.
2.Hold the oyster in a towel or oven mitt with the hinge (pointed side) sticking out. This will protect your hand if the oyster knife slips.
3.With the flat side of the oyster up, insert the tip of our oyster knife near the hinge. You only need to insert the knife about 1/2 inch.Do not use a regular knife to open oysters. There is too great a risk of slipping and severely injuring yourself.
4.Holding the oyster firmly, slide the knife around the lip of the oyster until you reach the other side of the hinge. The oyster should remain level, so you don't lose the liquid inside. Keep the knife inserted about 1/2 inch with the tip pointed slightly up.
5.Keep the oyster level and pry the shell apart with your fingers. Before separating the shells completely, use the oyster knife to detach any muscle that still clings to the inside of the top shell. Remove the top shell.

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