Professional Metal Detector Underground Finder Gold Detector TX-960 Treasure Hunter Detecting

Price: 1,753.81 - 1,319.62


Whether you are experienced or a beginner, this machine is well suited for a wide variety of your

detecting environments. With One-Touch operation, the TX-960 powers on with the touch of a

single button, adjusts easily for ground minerals and is immediately ready to begin searching.


Detecting metal objects buried underground. Widely used in security check, Archaeological

Exploration, outdoor treasure hunting, material check etc.

Suggestions before use

1.If the wrong signal is displayed during the probe, adjust the sensitivity to a lower position and

start using at a lower sensitivity level.

2. Do not use indoors. Metal detectors are suitable for outdoor use because electromagnetic

signals from many household appliances can interfere with the detector. If you are doing an

indoor demonstration, you need to first reduce the sensitivity, and the detection disk should

be away from household appliances such as computers, televisions, air conditioners, and

microwave ovens. If your detector makes an unusual beep, turn off the appliance. Keep away from

objects that contain metal, such as concrete floors and walls.

3. Please use 1 9-volt alkaline battery (6F22)If you want to use a rechargeable battery, we

recommend using a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery.


1,One-touch easy operation, whether you are experienced or a beginner can use it immediately.

2, Beautiful design make your device is fully different from others.

3, High Brightness LED Flashlight – Additional flash holder for night searching, use high brightness

LED flashlight.

4, 13” Waterproof search coil can let the user search the metal in water (the controller is not waterproof)

5, Target ID Legend on LCD screen—Works in conjunction with the Target ID Cursor to indicate a

target's probable identity.There are words and pictures to show the probably material: IRON, FOIL,

5 CENT, ALUM, ZINC, DIME, 25CENT, 50CENT+, then to help the user to refer and decide whether

to dig the burned target by themselves.

6, ALL metal and Discrimination modes for choose, one-touch operation, discrimination allows the

user to ignore trash and otherwise undesirable objects by one-touch button, easy operation, can

check on the LCD screen clearly, Indicates which of the has been selected or canceled by

highlighting the corresponding word on the LCD screen.

7,Coin Depth Indicator— The depth of a coin, or similar sized target, is indicated in 2-inch

increments. Sweep over the target with the search coil 1 inch from the soil to get the most

accurate reading.

8. Battery Level Indicator—Indicate the current battery condition. The detector will maintain full

performance until the batteries need to be replaced. Replace batteries when there is only 1

segment remaining. You can expect more than 8hours of constantly working depending on

battery type and quality. Access and replace the battery 1*9V(6F22) by sliding the cover off the

control housing. Remove batteries when the TX-960 will be stored for longer than 30 days.

9. Sensitivity Adjustable—The TX-960 has eight (8) settings for sensitivity, the user adjust by

different environment.

Products include:

1 x Controller

1 x Upper Stem

1 x Search Coil & Stem

1 x Wing Nut & Threaded Bolt

1 x English Manual

1 x Headphone Optional

1 x Carry Bag Optional


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