Realme GT Master Explore Edition 5G Smartphones NFC 6.55" FHD+ 120Hz Snapdragon 870 50MP Camera

Price: 719.46 - 453.26

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Realme GT Master Explore Edition Main Features




Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870 Octa Core

Rear camera


Front camera


Charging & Battery

4500mAh, 65W smart flash charging


6.55''Samsung AMOLED curved screen 2400×1080 FHD+


Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11


CN Version,In-display Fingerprint, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC


SA NR:n41/n78/n1/n3/n5/n8/n28A
NSA NR:n41/n77/n78
FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B26
TD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41(2515-2675MHz)
WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19


1 x Realme GT Master Explore Edition
1 x 65W smart flash charging adapter
1 x mobile phone case
1 x SIM card pin
1 x factory filmed
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Important Information Guide (including warranty card)

Realme GT Master Explore Edition 5G

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G | 120Hz Samsung AMOLED
curved screen | 50MP Rear Camera (IMX766 sensor)

Suitcase design

An unprecedented bold concept will wake you up to explore at a glance. The GT Master Discovery Edition is made of high-grade Vegan Leather material. It is the industry's first three-dimensional plain leather shape, which can vividly restore the undulating streamlined grille of the suitcase. Neutral colors with low saturation-gray and apricot colors are the most inclusive colors in nature, providing a peaceful and comfortable look.

Snow mountain

Like the snow-capped mountains encountered during the journey, the whiteness is pure, the whiteness is quiet, and the whiteness is just right. It is more mundane and less elegant. The use of the industry's rare six-layer oil film lamination process makes this snow-capped mountain undisturbed.


Dawn, a great painted work in nature, whether it appears in the mountains, clouds, or in the sea and sky, the color beyond recognition, at a glance, ten thousand years.

Exploring the visual margin | 120Hz micro curved screen

The visual impact hits the heart directly. This screen, produced by Samsung Super AMOLED, is outstanding in all aspects, with beautiful colors, real look and feel, and smooth interaction. Just one glance will make you dream.

10240 levels

Street photography

Tell the story of the moment with images

Sony IMX766 sensor

Seize the light and shadow in time

Make a story with a texture

Let the witness of every era

Share a unique story

50MP+16MP+2MP AI Triple Camera

Realme*NOMO Cam

"Realme Street Shooting Filter" is based on a
century-old classic Kodak film effect simulation,
after 1440 hours of color science exploration.

Optical image stabilization & outsole, peak image quality performance

The customized Sony IMX766 sensor, with a 1/1.56" super outsole, is the strongest sensor in realme history. With Realme’s first optical anti-shake lens, this powerful combination increases the sensitivity of light by 63.8% and can show Realme peak image quality.*

Use "Streamer Portrait" and "Neon Portrait" mode to shoot.

Don't just focus on the scenery, and help the people around you to take an atmospheric and moving portrait. The streamer portrait mode can turn the background into a dynamic light track, and the neon portrait mode can simulate the large aperture effect of a movie lens, easily attracting the eyes.

Exclusive professional street photography mode

Realme has collaborated with many professional street photographers around the world to discuss how to create emotional and story-like street photography works. Through researching the huge number of street photography works around the world, it has refined the two characteristics of "fast" and "real". Based on this, a professional street photography mode that can quickly capture photos and weaken algorithm interference has been developed.

Clearly record the story that is happening

Some stories are fleeting, with DIS's ultra-clear capture engine, and you can take a photo when you raise your hand, and the photo will be clear even if your hand shakes.

Stable and fierce flagship chip of the year

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G processor, powerful performance with ultra-stable power consumption and heat performance, can be called the 2021 god-level chip. Innovative large core architecture, 3.2GHz peak clock speed, higher than Snapdragon 888, with Adreno 650, GPU and CPU performance are 10% higher than the previous generation, easy to carry work and life and large-scale games. *

One-click GT

Reaching the peak of performance

Realme GT Master Series has built-in exclusive GT mode, one-click to enter the extreme performance, activate full blood performance. Unlock the maximum performance of the CPU, fully release the GPU capabilities, activate 4D game vibration and lightning start, everything is ready to go, waiting for you to join.

Five-fold ice-sealed cooling system

The Realme GT Master Series is equipped with a VC vapor-liquid cooling soaking plate with an area of up to 1892.69mm², with multi-layer three-dimensional graphite heat dissipation, with a total area of up to 12387.4mm², which can cover 100% of the core heat source, and heat dissipation is so simple.

Uninterrupted energy, 65W charge per second

Low-voltage and high-current 65W smart flash charging, 50% charging in 13 minutes, 100% charging in 33 minutes. It supports flash charging while playing, without stopping the game without stopping, with smart five-core safety guards to escort charging safety. *

An aurally comfortable trip

Ultra-linear speakers, Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res double plus, intelligently adapt to multiple scenes of watching movies, music and games, and provide high-fidelity, high-quality immersive sound for your ears.

Tactile Engine

The shock of your fingertips

The Realme GT Master Series has a built-in linear motor, with system-level algorithms, deeply adapts to all aspects of the system, and is equipped with a Tactile Engine touch engine. The linear linear motor brings comfortable vibration feedback to daily use. There is more 4D game vibration, and different vibration effects are added according to the game scene, making you feel like you are on the battlefield.

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