Soleeanre Earphones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 9D Stereo Sports Earbuds Headsets With Microphone

Price: 65.90

1、Bluetooth-compatible Version: Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 chip, automatic start-up pairing, built-in active noise reduction IC, high-definition call, large capacity, long endurance, true wireless Bluetooth-compatible headset. No delay in music playing or games. The sound quality is smooth.

2、Two Connection Methods: Instant connection, intelligent pairing, single / dual free use, single ear enjoy music alone, double ear listening to HiFi stereo.

3、Earplug Design: Earplug design, comfortable to wear, no pain after a long time wearing, waterproof and anti-sweat, will not fall off when doing sports.

4、IPX7 Waterproof Technology: Using a large number of ABS waterproof materials, you do not have to worry about rain and sweat. This is the best sports headset for sports. Please note that the charging case is not waterproof! !! !!

5、LED Power Display: The charging compartment displays the battery power quantity when charging, so you can know it every time. The headsets can charge for mobile phones as a

Product parameters

Chip: Jerry

Bluetooth-compatible version: 5.0 (Binaural call)

Support protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP

Support system: all Bluetooth-enabled devices and mobile phones

Headset Configuration

Product model:TC01


Rumning time:about 4 hours

Call time:approximately 4 hours

Headphone capacity:50mAh/3.V

Charging time:about 1hour

Effective distance:≥10m

Horm:copper ring 8mm

Charging bin configuration parameters

Battery capacity: 1200mAh/3. 7V

Charging time: about 3 hours

Input voltage: 5V/500MH

Wearing a way

Open the cover of the charging bin, take out the earphone of the right ear, gently put the speaker end of the earphone into the ear canal of the right ear, and then gently sway the earphone not to shake.

Mode of operation

1. The boot

(1) Open the charging case cover, take out the earphone automatically boot, earphone Red and blue lights flashing

(2) When the headset is off, touch the touch pad of the headset for 3 seconds to start the headset

2. To turn it off

(1) Put the earphone back into the charging bin and close the cover. The earphone will be turned off and charged

(2) When the headset is on, touch the touch pad of the headset for 5 seconds to turn it off

Pairs of ears connected

1. Open the cover of the charging bin, take out the earphones and start up automatically. The red and blue lights flash, and enter the state of automatic team formation.

2. Open the device Bluetooth list and search for "tws".

3. Click "tws"to connect. If the connection fails, put the earphone back into the charging bin and cover it, and then repeat the above steps.

4. When both ears leave the normal connection distance with the device at the same time, the headset will enter the bluetooth headset connection state. If the connection is not successful within 5 minutes, the headset will automatically shut down.

After the device is connected for the first time, the headset will automatically connect to the last pair device when it is restarted next time

Binaural touch operation

Plary/Pause: Music Tap LR earphone 1 while playing munic

Let's plry the last one: When the music is playing,tap the R headset 2

Let's play the next one: Tap L headset 2 times while playing muic

In the music Kac,tap 3 timas L volume+

In music state,tap 3 times R volume reduction-

Refuse to answer the phone: Tap the L/R headset twice when an incoming call comes in

Voice assistant: When connected,hold down any earphone for 1.5 secunds and release it to enter the voice assistant atate

Earphone charging:Put the earphone into the charging box to automatically charge,close charging cover,charging indicator light red light off aftor full

Charging box low power:The single digit of the nixie tube flashes

Charging box charging:The single digit of the digital tube flashes,and it stops when it is full of 188

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