The Latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Leak All But Confirms ‘Pro’ Model

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 leak has all but confirmed that there will be three variants: an Ultra, Pro, and ‘Mini’ model. But which one will be launched first? Let’s take a look. Read on to learn more about these models. We’ll see which features we can expect from each one. And which one will be the most expensive? It is likely that the Pro model will be the most expensive, so we will have to wait a bit before we know for sure.

The Galaxy Watch 5 series could be the first in a new line of watches from Samsung, and the newest leak all but confirms that it will feature a “Pro” model. While the name does not confirm the existence of a ‘Pro’ model, it does suggest that it will feature a larger battery. A Pro version will also have a more pronounced bezel, as the previous models had a rotating one.

The Galaxy Watch 5 leak reveals that Samsung is developing three new models for the upcoming flagship. The ‘S’ model is codenamed SM-R91X, while ‘L’ and ‘Pro’ are codenames that point to SM-R92X models. The ‘S’ model is expected to be 40mm in size, while the ‘Pro’ model is expected to be 42mm in diameter. A ‘Pro’ model will have a larger display and be more expensive than the ‘S’ or ‘L’ models.

Samsung’s next smartwatch series, the Galaxy Watch 5, has all but confirmed that it will include a “Pro” model. It will be much larger than the regular Galaxy Watch and likely come in one model only. The leak also reveals the likely names for both the ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ models. While we can’t be sure for sure, it would be nice if the Pro model were given its own name.

The codename Heart-Pro suggests that the ‘Pro’ model will come in a larger size than the regular one. It’s also rumored that two of the models will be named SM-R91x and SM-R92x. All three models will offer Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, but there will be no 4G option. That could spell trouble for Samsung, as its users will have to buy two models if they want to take advantage of the new technology.

A new report from SamMobile has all but confirmed the existence of a ‘Pro’ model of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. While it is still too early to speculate about the new device, the report suggests that the Samsung Watch 5 will drop the classic version in favor of the vanilla and “Pro” versions. The vanilla model will come in two different sizes, whereas the ‘Pro’ will be available only in one size. In addition, the report also says that the new watches will have a different look than the classic version.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will have a bigger battery and improved health tracking features. The larger battery will allow for improved health tracking and may even extend the battery life. Some leaks have pointed to blood oxygenation tracking in the device. That feature is already available on the Fitbit trackers and the Huawei GT 2 watch, and may be coming to the Withings Scanwatch in the near future. The Galaxy Watch 5 will come out before the fall, and we can expect it to be a very interesting product.

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