U&i introduces four new audio products with up to 40 hours of continuous playback time.

TWS earbuds, neckband earphones, and wired earphones are among the four new audio products that U&i has just introduced in the Indian market. Style and sonic quality go hand in hand with these audio gadgets.

See what these products have to offer in greater detail.

Earbuds from the U&i Mystar Series TWS
In recent years, the TWS earbuds have taken over. In the end, who doesn’t appreciate not having to deal with cumbersome cables when they want to move around? Small and sleek, the U&i Mystar Series TWS Earbuds feature a simple design.

One of the bud’s batteries has a 26mAh capacity and can be fully charged in 60 minutes. With a 300mAh battery that can be charged in 90 minutes, this case is ideal for those who frequently travel. The charging case, according to the manufacturer, can provide a playback period of up to 40 hours.

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology used by the wireless earphones has a range of up to ten meters. Touch gestures are supported on the TWS earbuds as well, allowing users to skip songs, control the volume, and even make phone calls. White and black are the color possibilities for the U&i Mystar Series TWS Earbuds, which retail for INR 2,999 ($39).

Earbuds from the Platinum Series TWS by U&i
The U&i Platinum Series of TWS earbuds is a more expensive line of the company’s TWS earbuds. The ABS plastic used in the construction of these earphones gives them a more fashionable appearance. The earphones use Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity.

The charging case and earphones of the Platinum TWS series have a combined battery life of only 24 hours. It costs INR 3,999 ($52) for a single pair of these earbuds in a vibrant red color.

Wireless neckbands from the U&i Desire Series
The Desire Series by U&I is a new line of wireless neckbands. The neckband’s structure is comprised of lightweight ABS and Silicone materials, making it sweat and water resistant. It has a simple design.

The Bluetooth 5.0 neckband delivers lag-free and crystal-clear music up to a distance of 10 meters from the source. The audio player’s battery lasts 36 hours on non-stop playback thanks to its 250mAh capacity. To manage music, take calls, or wake the voice assistant, Desire Series devices have a physical button panel.

Color selections are White, Black, Blue, Green and Purple. The Neckband retails for INR 2,199 ($29).

Wired earphones from the U&i Heat series
TWS earbuds are trendy, but if you’re a serious gamer, they’re not the best option. While gaming, they may cause a decrease in sound quality and an increase in latency. If you want a seamless gaming experience, opt for wired earbuds instead than wireless. For those who prefer wired headphones, the U&i Heat series is available.

Earphones that come with braided cords and an audio input jack are included in this package. ABS plastic is used to construct the headphones. The product appears to be well-built, and the manufacturer claims that it will endure a long time.

Immersive sound is provided by the earphones’ 10mm drivers, and a high-sensitivity microphone is incorporated right in. There are three colors to choose from in the U&i Heat Series: White, Black, and Red.


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