World Premiere Motorola Moto X40 5G Smartphone 6.7'' Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 50MP Triple Camera

Price: 8,429.65 - 5,479.29

Note: the Phone is Chinese ROM, and the system is only available in Chinese and English. Support OTA Update,Google Play Store,only support Chinese and English language,have some chinese app,you can't remove

There are only two languages in the system: Chinese and English

Support Google play > you need installed the google play by yourself by this link:

Model ———- Moto X40

Processor —— Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 4nm Octa Core, GPU Adreno 740

Screen ——— -6.7'' , 2400×1080, 165Hz Refresh Rate

OS ————– -Android 13

Storage ——– -8GB+128GB / 12GB+256GB / 12GB+512GB, RAM LPDDR 5X,ROM UFS 4

Rear Camera — 50MP( OIS)+50MP+12MP Triple Cameras

Front Camera – -60MP

Battery ——— –4600mAh(Typ.),125W SUPERVOOC, 15W wireless charging,USB Type-C

Features ——- -China Version with US Plug, supports English and Chinese,In-screen Fingerprint recognition, Wi-Fi 6, BT5.3, NFC,OTA

Networks ——-

5G:n1 (2100)/n2 (1900)/n3 (1800)/n5 (850)/n7 (2600)/n8 (900)/n20 (800 DD)/n28 (700 APT)/ n38 (TD2600)/n40 (TD2300)/

n41 (TD2500)/n41 HPUE (TD2500)/n66 (AWS3+4)/n77 (TD 3700)/n78 (TD 3500)/n78 HPUE (TD 3500)

4G: B1 (2100)/B2 (1900)/B3 (1800)/B4 (1700/2100)/B5 (850)/B7 (2600)/B8 (900)/B12 (lower700 abc)/B17 (lower700 bc)/B18 (Japan low850)/B19 (Japan hi850)

B20 (800 DD)/B25 (1900+)B26 (850+)/B28 (700 APT)/B34 (TD2000)/B38 (TD2600)/B39 (TD1900)/B40 (TD2300)/B41 (TD2500)

B41 HPUE (TD2500)/B42 (TD3500)/B43 (TD3700)/B48 (CBRS)/B66 (AWS3+4)

3G:WCDMA B1 (2100)/WCDMA B2 (1900)/WCDMA B4 (1700/2100)/WCDMA B5 (850)/WCDMA B8 (900)/CDMA BC0

2G:GSM B2 (1900)GSM /B3 (1800)/GSM B5 (850)/GSM B8 (900)

Moto X40

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 | Smart image of the original painting of mountains and seas 165Hz four-curved color screen | IP68 waterproof and dustproof

8 reasons to buy the MOTO X34

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 | Three main Camera | 125W Fast Charging IP68 | MYUI5.0 intuitive interaction + | 165 Hz Four-Curved Color Screen Smart Image of Mountain and Sea Original Painting | 12 Variations of Gaussian Curvature

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

To travel around the world, it is natural to have the flagship "core"! The second-generation Snapdragon 8 adopts a 4nm process technology and integrates tens of billions of transistors. Combined with LPDDR 5X+UFS 4.0, it forms a new performance iron triangle, with ultra-high storage reading speed, it releases powerful energy in an instant, and is always ready to explore the world.

The intelligent image of the original painting of mountains and seas, the "mirror" of the mountain and wild city is under control

Rear dual main camera, automatic 50 million original picture mode, breaking through the bottleneck of restoration technology, further improving the purity of the picture, reducing the color difference, and capturing details beyond the human eye in the urban mountains and fields.

Overview of the delicate beauty of nature, high-definition portrait mode

Preset the golden three focal lengths in the lens, and click on it to open up more possibilities for creation A professional perspective can be opened. In the square inch, an overview of the stories of humanities and mountains and rivers.

Auto focus tracking, focus, only story

Video focus tracking, automatically lock the protagonist.

Horizon lock, "flip" shot, also wonderful

It supports 360° stabilization and anti-shake*, can be flipped arbitrarily when recording, and automatically corrects the level to make the picture as stable as Mount Tai.

Automatic night scene mode, the night is also rich

The ultra-sensitive Al noise reduction algorithm intelligently adjusts according to the ambient light to improve the purity and capture the atmosphere of the night scene.

165Hz four-curved color screen, strong anti-blue light eye protection black technology

Adopt visual inertia curvature*, fine four-curved arc design, more suitable for visual and tactile habits, 165Hz ultra-high refresh large screen, upgrade the frame rate from the hardware, smooth experience, – Once used, it is difficult to use the low refresh rate, ultra-low 4.92% blue light ratio, far better than the industry average, double the anti-blue light ability*, Ceiling-level eye protection black technology.

12 variations of Gaussian curvature, exploring the no man's land of natural craftsmanship

Drawing inspiration from pebbles polished by running water and Gaussian curvature, it adopts a design with 12 edges without right angles, and integrates the texture of technology into nature. The 7-series aviation aluminum middle frame is highly combined with the curvature of the ridge line. Each curvature has been tested for more than 100 days. The front and rear curved glass are closely connected, full of tension like water droplets, and delicate and soft like jade fat.

IP 68 waterproof and dustproof

Escort carefully, walk boldly

125W fast charging, energy engine, light travel

125W fast charging*, normal/fast dual charging mode, support for wireless charging and reverse charging*, providing powerful power support for every trip.

MAXE system engine, dynamic performance, stable driving

The self-developed MAXE system engine intelligently adapts to 7 major scenarios such as games, videos, photos, and reading, precisely schedules performance allocation, avoids purposeless high-performance occupation, and strongly reduces power consumption.

11-layer large circulation three-dimensional heat dissipation, even better

The 11-layer heat dissipation structure, combined with the advanced 2°C temperature difference strategy* between both ends of the VC, makes heat dissipation faster and more efficient, and accurately responds to explosive output in different scenarios.

Five major signal enhancement technologies, feel the extraordinary momentum

Massive global roaming frequency bands, intelligent pairing network base station and MAAT signal reinforcement, the signal is stronger and smoother.

Moto AI Liyin

The new moto self-developed algorithm gives the ears a new sense of presence, space and three-dimensionality.

Packing list:


Protective case*1,


Data cable*1,

Card pin*1,

Quick guide (instructions)*1,

Legal safety and regulatory information (with three-guarantee certificate)*1

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